Facilitation & Training

Rcert offers Customized Trainings:

  • Customized in house Trainings for Standards, Business Excellence and Improvement Initiatives.

  • Instructor-Led Training, we will train you, your staff, or even your boss. Using analogies real world examples, and presentations that define the industry.

  • Consulting Services in Standards, Business Excellence and Improvement Initiatives.
Laboratory Division Environmental Division
  • Effluent analysis
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Food Analysis
  • Soil and Sediment Analysis
  • Organic Analysis
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (Detailed and Preliminary) Studies
  • Chemical, physical and microbiological analysis for compliance to various environmental specifications
  • Wastewater, river water, seawater and ground water quality monitoring
  • Emission, Effluent and Waste Monitoring
  • Baseline data for EIAs (Environmental monitoring for EIA Study)
  • Occupational, Safety & Health Monitoring
  • Identification of sources of impact
  • Characterization of wastes and waste streams
  • Liaison with the Department of Environment and Agencies and Authorities on matter relating to the environment
  • Asbestos Removal management